Audio Trip VR

Audio Trip - Show Off Your Moves Fall 2019

Audio Trip VR is an incredible VR dance game that I've had the pleasure to be the Lead Artist of this year. The game features top music from artists like Skrillex, Zedd, deadmau5, Lady Gaga and more. Each song is a new level, and each level we designed to be uniquely inspired by the specific song. The result is an amazingly immersive experience that you travel through complete with reactive parts that bring environment design and music together in a really satisfying way. I was responsible for initial concepts all the way through full implementation in Unity. I have to thank Ashley Cooper and Brady Wright, the incredible developers behind this, that brought me into the project.

Audio Trip VR releases on STEAM for Early Access tomorrow, October 24, 2019

Developed by Kinemotik Studios.
Published by Andromeda Entertainment